Report: Sources In WWE Believe CM Punk Wants To Come Back, But Has 'Fences To Mend'

While the stars may ultimately align for a CM Punk and WWE reunion, the groundwork for the "Best in the World" returning to his old stomping grounds has yet to be laid out. According to Fightful Select, as of two weeks ago, nobody within WWE had indicated that Punk and the company were in talks, contrary to an earlier report from Dave Meltzer that suggested otherwise.

Fightful adds that, shortly after Punk's dismissal from AEW in September, WWE and Punk's camp sent out feelers to gauge interest in a return, but those overtures didn't amount to concrete discussions. One WWE employee told Fightful that Punk's best course of action would have been to speak directly to Vince McMahon, who was reportedly not in favor of Punk's return to WWE a few years ago when FOX pushed for the "Second City Savior" to make a comeback. 

Upon speaking to several WWE higher-ups and talents, Fightful has learned that Punk's return to the company would be incumbent upon WWE's interest in him, and not the other way around. A large part of this reasoning is because there is reportedly "still a ton of heat on CM Punk in WWE," with a lot of the bad feelings stemming from his previous run with the company. As such, it is believed the talents in question "would be consulted" in the event that WWE decides to bring back Punk, hopefully preventing some of the backstage issues he encountered in AEW

'He wouldn't be able to pull any of his s--t here'

Referencing those issues in AEW — specifically the backstage fights — one top WWE star told Fightful that Punk is aware "he wouldn't be able to pull any of his s–t here. There's nobody here he could jump without getting his ass handed to him." Another top talent suggested that "Triple H wouldn't risk the negativity" that a Punk return could generate, but conceded the WWE CCO had previously brought back wrestlers "with baggage" since taking charge. The general feeling within the WWE locker room is that Punk "would need to make good with a number of influential talent" to secure his return. Regarding said potential return, "most talent are opposed to it," a source added. The source didn't rule out the possibility of Punk's comeback, but made it clear that "there are fences to mend" for the reunion to occur.

On the flip side, sources close to Punk are reportedly confident of his return to WWE, believing he's willing to make the effort to reconcile with talents he has heat with. Meanwhile, one top AEW star is surprised to hear of Punk's interest in a WWE reunion, pointing out how Punk would routinely verbalize his dislike for WWE, Triple H, and Vince McMahon during their backstage interactions. Another AEW talent told Fightful that Punk is now in a "much less forgiving situation from a career perspective," and would not enjoy the backstage power he had in AEW.

If Punk and WWE do reunite, one source expects Punk to have very little leverage in contract negotiations, citing his tumultuous exit from AEW as the reason. With next month's Survivor Series set to take place in Chicago, the Punk to WWE rumor mill is sure to intensify in the coming weeks.