CM Punk Reportedly Threatened To Quit AEW Following Jack Perry Incident At All In

One year after the infamous "Brawl Out" incident after AEW All Out, news of a backstage altercation involving CM Punk and possible suspensions for those involved has wrestling fans seemingly trapped in The Black Lodge asking, "Is it future or is it past?" CM Punk and Jack Perry exchanged words after Perry's "Zero Hour" preshow match against HOOK and before Punk's match with Samoa Joe at All In on Sunday, which led to a reported physical altercation that led to both men leaving Wembley Stadium and possibly being suspended from AEW.


PWTorch is reporting that in the heat of the moment, after the altercation took place, Punk threatened to quit AEW over his numerous frustrations with the locker room. There was reportedly worry that they would have to delay Punk's opening match against Samoa Joe, after the altercation which seemingly took place at the end of the "Zero Hour" preshow. In the end, Punk and Joe's match went on as scheduled and without any apparent incident.

According to the report, many backstage see Perry as more at fault in the situation with Punk, as Perry called out his history with Punk during Perry's match with HOOK. Punk and Perry were both sent home from Wembley Stadium during the show.

Perry audibly pointed out the "real glass" on the windshield of a limousine, referencing reports from earlier this month that Punk had to talk Perry out of using real glass during a backstage segment, with the report being painted as an attempt for Punk to show how his leadership on "AEW Collision" has led to less unnecessary risks on the program. There are still conflicting reports on the nature of this latest altercation, though many seem to point to Perry instigating, and Punk escalating, leading to the altercation becoming physical.