Matt Hardy Calls AEW Re-Ignition Of Celebrated WWE Tag Team Feud 'Inevitable'

Adam Copeland's AEW debut has led to a lot of talk about dream matches with people that he has never come up against. However, Matt Hardy believes that a tag team match with him and Jeff Hardy against their old rivals Copeland and Christian Cage is inevitable.

"We're a long ways away," he said on "The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy." "You have to remember Edge is such a huge deal on his own. I still think that Adam Copeland and Christian Cage still have a lot of stuff to do on their own." 

Copeland revealed on his first "AEW Dynamite" appearance he was joining the company to reunite with Cage, hoping to end his career alongside his best friend. That is something that the TNT Champion doesn't seem to be interested in at the moment, but Hardy believes they will reunite and eventually compete against him and his brother.

"We're not going to do the 1999 No Mercy ladder match whenever we do have this match. I think we can still have a great match. We can still go out. We can have a killer match. It can be super entertaining and it's going to be fun," he said. "I think we can still do it on a level high enough."

While Hardy believes the real money is in the character interactions and he doesn't anticipate a match between the two iconic tag teams being anytime soon, it is something he feels could put a bow on his career.

"Those are the two guys I would love to have my last match with because we started with them, and I could see it ending with them," he said. "It's an overwhelming thing, and it's a big deal, and it would be a great way to go out."

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