Tony Schiavone On Seeing Adam Copeland & Christian Together At AEW WrestleDream

Christian Cage and Adam Copeland may not be on the best of terms at the moment, especially after Christian's profanity-laced rebuke to Copeland last night on "AEW Dynamite" However, the duo's reunion in AEW has largely been seen as a positive by many wrestling fans, harkening back to their days as a tag team in WWE. 

On the latest episode of "What Happened When," AEW announcer Tony Schiavone discussed Copeland's AEW debut, including the fact that he was mostly in the dark on Copeland coming into the company — that is, until he was brought up to speed just at the right time. "The odd thing was, I had no idea he was there," Schiavone said. "None, until somebody smarted me up about ... maybe about an hour before the show?"

The surprise was worth it for Schiavone though, especially when it came time for Copeland and Christian to confront each other in the ring – a moment Schiavone believes came off tremendously.

"I thought it was pretty cool when he slides in the ring and he and Christian go face to face," Schiavone said. "Because I'm looking at them there thinking 'Man, there's a legendary tag team just staring at each other.' It was a very, very good moment, and the fans there lost their minds as well."

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