Ted DiBiase Says Former WWE Star's 'Demons' Held Him Back

After spending many years within the WWE system, it's safe to say "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase has seen his fair share of performers of all talent and skill levels come and go. Speaking on his podcast, "Everybody's Got A Pod," DiBiase discussed one former WWE star who had plenty of potential but never quite made it to the top of the business.

"[Hercules Hernandez] was pretty good," DiBiase said. "I don't think that Herc had gotten to the point where he could be the guy calling [matches], but yeah, he was really good."

DiBiase explained that there is an unspoken flow to wrestling matches that performers get accustomed to as they gain more and more experience. The WWE Hall of Famer trusted Hercules (real name Raymond Fernandez) and felt they didn't have to go over their matches in too much detail ahead of time. However, DiBiase thinks there was a reason Fernandez was never elevated to the top of the card.

"Just some of the demons in his life, really," DiBiase said. "It may have been both [drugs and alcohol]. I'm really not sure. ... It was one of those things where like — gosh, man. [He] could be doing so much better."

Fernandez got his start in All Japan Pro Wrestling, Jim Crockett Promotions, and Mid-South Wrestling before signing with the WWF in 1985. Hercules wrestled Hulk Hogan, competed against Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat at WrestleMania 2, joined and eventually feuded with Bobby Heenan, and formed a tag team with Paul Roma before wrapping up with the WWF in 1992. After stints in WCW and New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Fernandez worked the independent scene before retiring at the end of the decade. He later passed away in 2004.