AEW Star Ricky Starks Reacts To Jade Cargill's Departure For WWE

AEW star Ricky Starks has discussed Jade Cargill's transition to WWE, which is one of the biggest moves in recent memory, as the former TBS Champion opted to jump ship after nearly three years with AEW. The 31-year-old former college basketball star made a name for herself as a dominant force in the AEW women's division, going on a lengthy undefeated streak. 

After weeks of speculation, Cargill's move to WWE was confirmed on September 26, making her just the second performer after Cody Rhodes to move from AEW to WWE. One thing that both Rhodes and Cargill have in common is their close friendship with Ricky Starks, who revealed on the "Battleground Podcast" his conversation with Cargill following the news, and some of the negative social media reactions. 

"I didn't think it was a big deal and I still don't think it's a big deal," he said. "I did congratulate my friend for sure -– it's no different to any other friend that goes on and gets a job. It was kind of weird to see all that, but I'm used to it because when someone leaked that footage of me going to visit Cody, I got kind of the same visceral reaction. I'm only doing these things based off of my experience with them ... it's weird when people get mad at me."

Starks also spoke about the social media response to his relationship with CM Punk, who was fired by AEW last month after a string of backstage incidents. Starks himself had the opportunity to join WWE a few years ago. Given his ties to Rhodes and Cargill, as well as his enormous talent, there's a possibility he could be reunited with his friends in WWE. 

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