Matt Cardona Recalls Brandi And Cody Rhodes Introducing Him To Chelsea Green

Matt Cardona (formerly known as Zack Ryder in WWE) and current WWE star Chelsea Green got married in December 2021. During an appearance on the "Off Her Chops" podcast, Cardona recalled his earliest memory of Green.

"I just moved to Orlando," Cardona said. "I had knee surgery, and Cody and Brandi [Rhodes], my friends, were doing IMPACT! [Wrestling], and I met up with them at City Walk. We went to Cowfish. Ever go there? Brandi was telling me about this girl, Chelsea, who was complaining about being single and I should go on a date with her. 'I don't wanna f*****g date another wrestling chick. Like, no f*****g way.' But then I looked her up, and I'm like, 'Ah, she's okay. She's kinda hot. Let's see what happens.' So that's kind of the first memory. I didn't know her before that."

Green said earlier this year that Cody and Brandi informed her that they had a friend who was "lonely" and "needed to go on a date." She went on to say that Cardona slid into her DM's before they went on a blind date.

Green, who returned to WWE earlier this year following a stint with the promotion between 2018 and 2021, captured the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship with Sonya Deville back in July. However, due to an injury to the former WWE official, Piper Niven is now holding the gold with Green. Cardona, who has become a successful act on the independent circuit after being released by WWE in April 2020, wore a replica of Green's women's tag team belt at a DDT Pro Wrestling event in Japan this past summer.

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