Eric Bischoff Offers A Glass-Half-Full Perspective On CM Punk & WWE

Former WCW executive Eric Bischoff wasn't the biggest fan of CM Punk's run in AEW. Across multiple podcasts, Bischoff was often especially critical of promoter Tony Khan's booking of Punk as well as his handling of the backstage drama that often involved Punk in some way. However, speaking on "Strictly Business," Bischoff indicated that he does see some potential upside for Punk in going to WWE to end his career.

"If I were to be the 'half-glass-full' Eric Bischoff, I would say the good thing that can come out of this for Phil Brooks is that he could end his career on a positive note," Bischoff said. "If it happens, I can tell you from first-hand experience that everybody will be onboard, professionally speaking. They may have personal feelings, but they'll never, ever get in the way of business. So he'll be welcomed, he'll be supported, and he'll be expected to pull his weight like everybody else."

Bischoff added that Punk would certainly make a great deal of money if he were to sign a new contract with WWE. On top of that, Bischoff believes it would offer Punk a chance to redeem his legacy in wrestling.

"This would be an opportunity to go and have some great matches, some great stories," Bischoff continued. "[He could] have some great creative, [and] work with some extremely talented people in a professional environment. ... The opportunity to end your career on a positive note is not to be undervalued."

Looking back on Punk's AEW run, the WWE Hall of Famer still doesn't have positive things to say. While Bischoff believes Punk would draw some eyes to WWE out of curiosity, he doesn't feel that Punk will get the same focus and leeway he received in AEW.