Adam Copeland Says AEW Star Is Rey Mysterio 'With Jeff Hardy Splashed All Over Him'

Over the years, there have been many wrestlers who have gone from WWE to AEW. The most recent came at AEW WrestleDream when Adam Copeland (F.K.A. Edge) made his debut in front of the Seattle crowd, and the man himself has revealed how he was feeling heading in while on "Talk Is Jericho." "Not nervous at all. You know, just ready to fly out of that shoot and really just get this thing started and get moving with it ... Again, still sitting with retirement [or] to stay [in WWE]. A lot within that ten days [between his WWE contract expiration and AEW debut] emotionally."

The moment hasn't entirely sunk in for Copeland amidst the mayhem of the past two weeks he's had, but he was overjoyed to share a ring with both Sting and Darby Allin for the first time. He had nothing but high praise for Allin, calling him something special and revealing which two wrestlers he reminded him of. "So, I was like 'You're Rey Mysterio [mixed] with Jeff Hardy splashed all over you, and that's awesome.'" Seeing Allin's attitude in motion cemented to Copeland that he was special, noting that he knew when and when not to be aggressive.

Copeland also described how he felt during his debut, revealing that in the moment he wasn't able to absorb the reaction from fans. "I really didn't, and that's only ever really happened one other time where there was just so much coming at me that it's kind of hard to process it," Copeland said. "Your body's kicking out all these different things: serotonin, endorphins, adrenaline."

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