WWE HOFer Road Dogg Discusses Carmella And R-Truth, Alludes To An AEW Star

Carmella and R-Truth were paired together in 2018, with Carmella helping to manage the veteran before going on to win the inaugural Mixed Match Challenge tournament. They proved to be a popular act with the WWE Universe, however, they also included a lot of comedic elements such as the mid-match dance break, which Brian 'Road Dogg' James admitted was his idea, being a big fan of the pairing.


"I love the dance break, I love Ronnie 'The Truth' Killings, and I loved Carmella with him," James said on "Oh You Didn't Know." "When they would just stop, 'Dance break,' how stupid was that? Then they just go back into the match, to me it is [so good]." The dance break is something that the duo would bust out regularly, which sometimes even included other people, with Vince McMahon himself even getting involved at one stage. However, comedic acts like this aren't always to everyone's taste due to the fact they take away from the seriousness of in-ring competition, especially when they're pausing matches to dance.

"If you don't like it, you're willing to buy Orange Cassidy but you're not willing to buy that? You're willing to suspend disbelief so far with these characters of today, but these characters are too far," James questioned. Unlike Cassidy, Truth, and Carmella were never shown as an overly serious in-ring pairing during their time together. However, they did manage to entertain audiences with their funny skits, often involving the 24/7 Championship.


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