Rob Van Dam Says WWE Star Helps People Believe In Superheroes

While both were big-name singles stars at the time, Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio would become a tag team in 2004, going on to challenge for the WWE Tag Team Championship at No Mercy. Therefore, Van Dam, who has recently been wrestling for AEW, is more than qualified to discuss his fellow WWE Hall of Famer's inspirational status, and would do so during the latest edition of "1 of a Kind."

"Being a cross-cultural superhero role model like he is, he's introduced a lot of kids to this imaginative world where they can not only believe in superhero-like fantasies and luchadors, but they can believe in themselves, too," Van Dam said. "Besides just being such a bridge-gapper between smaller guys and proving that if you're really good enough, you could overcome a lot of everything, not just you can overcome a lot of everything if you've got enough talent. He proves that without being specifically narrowed into just his size."

Mysterio broke into the business in 1989 when he was just 14 years old, having been taught how to wrestle by his uncle Rey Mysterio Sr. The first major promotion he would work for was AAA in Mexico, before he made a name for himself in the United States via ECW and then WCW. However, it was in WWE that Mysterio became an internationally recognized star. From there, he would become a multi-time world champion over the next two decades, while inspiring innumerable fans worldwide through his athleticism, charisma, and passion. He was ultimately recognized for this with a WWE Hall of Fame induction as part of the Class of 2023.

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