Booker T Shares Surprise At Ratings For Tuesday Clash Between WWE NXT & AEW Dynamite

WWE and AEW went head-to-head on October 10 with "NXT" drawing 921,000 viewers and "Dynamite" garnering 609,000 viewers. During a recent episode of the "Hall of Fame" podcast, "NXT" commentator Booker T weighed in with his thoughts on the ratings.

"I'm gonna tell you right now, honestly, that was the last thing I was thinking about," Booker T said. "I wasn't thinking about AEW at all. I was thinking about WWE, I was thinking about 'NXT.' I was thinking about 'NXT' getting a million in the ratings. I've been saying, 'Man, we gotta get this thing up to a million,' since I walked in the door down there. To see the show put together to where we might actually get that million, that's the only thing I was thinking about."

Booker shared that AEW entered his mind once the ratings came out and Tony Khan started tweeting about it. He didn't think it was something 'NXT' needed to gloat about, rather it was something that should've been celebrated.

"I'm surprised as well [that it didn't get over one million]," Booker T added. "I'm surprised as well, but that 921 [thousand] is close enough to a million where if it was a lottery ticket, I'd be happy. I don't care about that extra [80] or whatever it was. I'm gonna be like, 'Man, give me that 921.' ... That's the way I look at that, but I was anticipating a much higher rating. I think I said 1.3. Anything close to a million is great, but I'm still looking and hoping for 'NXT' to be able to consistently be around a million mark on a weekly basis. That's just creating really, really great shows more than anything."

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