Real1, Formerly WWE's Enzo Amore, Shares Thoughts On AEW's Ticket Sales

Real1, formerly known as Enzo Amore in WWE, has jumped to the defense of AEW following dwindling ticket sales for some of their shows. 

A recent photo posted on social from an AEW show sparked a wave of criticism aimed at AEW when an entire side of the arena appeared empty. Real1 took to social media to explain why recent AEW shows haven't sold well, blaming high ticket prices and a lack of promotion as the main reasons. 

"When it comes AEW crowds and ticket sales, there's a lot of bad faith takes and those trolling with pictures with empty seats. Here's some facts that play into that 1) lack of promoting. Whenever AEW promotes their show like what they did for Grand Slam (promoting on the news, etc) tickets move fast. They have to do this more. There's not enough," said the former WWE star. "2) ticket prices. The more u raise your prices, the more likely people can't go. Not a lot of people have that much money. Go back to the prices in the beginning of AEW."

AEW ticket prices for upcoming shows vary, with tickets for some shows starting at $24, while other venues begin as high as $59, as per information from Ticketsmarter.

Real1 also argued that AEW repeatedly visiting the same cities could have led to fans becoming burnt out on the product. He cited how the promotion hosts multiple shows within the same week in the same city, potentially contributing to a decline in ticket sales. He further added that there's nothing wrong with the AEW product, and pointed to the aforementioned factors for empty seats in AEW arenas recently. 

Ticket sales could pick up in the weeks to come as AEW prepares for its next pay-per-view, Full Gear, which will take place at the Kia Forum in California on November 18, 2023.