Kevin Nash Highlights A Key Difference Between Vince McMahon's And HHH's Creative Processes

According to recent reports, as of the closure of WWE's merger with UFC last month, Vince McMahon no longer has the final say over WWE's creative. That edict is said to have come down from Ari Emanuel, the CEO of Endeavor, which now owns the majority of WWE. With McMahon serving a different role, that leaves former wrestler Paul "Triple H" Levesque in charge of storylines and booking. Speaking on his podcast, "Kliq This," Levesque's old friend Kevin Nash revealed what he sees as the major difference in philosophy between Levesque and McMahon.

"For so long, people would sit around [in WWE] and wait for Vince to anoint them," Nash said. "'I'll sit here and sooner or later I'll get the sword tapped on each side of my shoulder.' No, man. The sword's in the stone. You better be the one that can pick that motherf***er up through it."

The former NWO member employed a metaphor referring to the legend of King Arthur and the sword known as Excalibur, where only one who is deemed worthy is able to pull the blade from the stone that it is stuck in. Nash's belief is that Levesque is inclined to give performers an opportunity to see if they are able to seize on it and are worthy of their spot in the company.

Earlier in the podcast, Nash pointed out that Levesque still has the ability to consult with McMahon and take in his input. However, when Emanuel agreed to the deal, he likely didn't intend to keep a 78-year-old man in sole control of the company's creative plans, and this was probably agreed upon. Based on Levesque's performance so far, as well as his development of the NXT brand over the years, Nash has great confidence in the creative direction of WWE going forward.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit "Kliq This" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.