Rey Mysterio Wants WWE Tag Team Match Vs. Son Dominik & Logan Paul With This Partner

A tag team match pitting Rey Mysterio and Bad Bunny versus Dominik Mysterio and Logan Paul? Consider the patriarch of the Mysterio family sold. In a recent interview with ESPN, the WWE Hall of Famer's eye lit up when the hypothetical match was proposed to him. "Ooh, I like that," Mysterio admitted. "Put it out in the universe. Let's hope WWE listens to that and picks it up. That's a good one." 

From a storyline perspective, the seeds for the match have already been planted. Bunny was ringside for the Mysterio vs. Mysterio match at WrestleMania 39 earlier this year, helping Rey stave off outside interference from The Judgment Day to win the encounter. As for Rey's issues with Paul, they date back to WrestleMania 38 where "The Maverick" and The Miz defeated The Mysterios in a tag team bout. That rivalry was recently re-ignited when Paul challenged Mysterio to a United States Championship bout

Looking ahead to his rumored title defense against Paul, Mysterio has admittedly never seen anyone take to the business as quickly as the YouTuber-turned-fighter. The legendary luchador is equally impressed with Bunny making rapid strides. "In my 34 years of being in the business, when I saw Bad Bunny wrestle at 'Mania the first time — next to Damian [Priest] — that was pretty impressive. Then, I saw him in his last match in Puerto Rico, against Damian, that was very impressive as well. It's like every time he stepped in the ring, he got better."

"... It's very scary to see talent from outside of sports entertainment, from the music industry or influencing, to come in and pick up like that," he added. "It's shocking. At the same time, very athletic — Logan Paul — and is incredible to adapt. Picking up the craft very fast."