Matt Hardy Explains Why Vince McMahon Being Ousted From WWE Creative Is A 'Positive Change'

Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel recently made the decision to completely back Paul Levesque in terms of running WWE's main roster creative, putting the faith in him and removing Vince McMahon in the process. Matt Hardy might be busy working for the competition in AEW, but he believes this decision is ultimately a positive one for his former company in the long run.

"Vince, you cannot deny his contributions to sports entertainment, professional wrestling, to WWE. He is the greatest promoter of all time, that's going to go on his tombstone as of right now, it's just times change," Hardy said on "The Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy." "It was time to move on. It was time to have someone a little younger, a little more forward-thinking, someone who has more of their finger on the pulse of pop culture and today's wrestling fans."

When the initial merger took place it was revealed that TKO would defer to McMahon in any situation, but Emanuel has ultimately decided to change his mind and cut McMahon out. Of course, that is something that could change down the line, but Hardy believes that Levesque was the right guy to go with. Before the decision was made, McMahon had been making changes to creative, but that is something Emanuel felt was getting in the way of the long-term goal, which has ultimately led to the call being made. 

McMahon is still very much involved in the company though, with Emanuel feeling it is best for everyone to be focused on their actual roles, which for Levesque is creative. Meanwhile, McMahon's role is as the Executive Chairman, which means he'll be dealing with media deals.

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