Impact Knockouts Champ Trinity On Married Life With Jimmy Uso Since Her WWE Departure

Spouses Trinity Fatu and Jimmy Uso have gone through big changes in recent times due to the formerĀ no longer being with WWE. Now competing for Impact Wrestling, she admitted to Metro that it has been an adjustment, but they support each other now more than ever before.

"He comes to my shows, I go to his shows, it's really cool," she said. "It's also made us miss each other even more! It has its pros and cons as well. No, we're not with each other every day, but it makes the time we are together now extremely special and extremely important. We're both enjoying that."

The duo have been together for 14 years and got married back in 2014. Throughout their time in the WWE system, they got to travel the roads together due to wrestling and reality television which has now changed. However, that's not necessarily a bad thing as Trinity believes that's added a new dynamic to their marriage.

"It's exciting, it's refreshing. Who knows where all this is gonna end up, but we're making it work where we are now," she said. "But when we're on the road or we're working, at TV, we're definitely talking about work and what we're doing and sharing that with each other," she smiled.

Both wrestlers are currently enjoying some of the biggest pushes of their careers, with Uso being a major player in The Bloodline storyline while Trinity is the current Knockouts Champion. However, the WWE Superstar has previously admitted that Trinity is open to a WWE return at some point, which he hopes works out, opening the door for a potential female addition to The Bloodline.