WWE HOFer Reveals The Formula To WarGames Matches

To call Arn Anderson a veteran of WarGames would be a bit of an understatement. Arn Anderson lived WarGames, competing in over 20 of the dual-cage matches throughout his Hall of Fame wrestling career. As such, Anderson knows the right way to put together the perfect WarGames match and discussed said formula during a recent episode of his "ARN" podcast.

"There's a formula that always works, but if you vary from that formula, I don't know what you've got," Anderson said. "I would start, Dusty or whoever would start, and you have your coin flip, and it was imperative that the heels won the coin flip, so you would always have a two-on-one situation." 

"Then the babyface came in next, and they evened it up. Then another heel would come in, and it was like you always had the advantage if you were the bad guys, and you were available then for the next fresh babyface who's coming in to feed him a comeback," he continued.

Anderson stressed that there were other important factors to make the match work –  including heels being positioned properly to meet the next babyface entrant and the use of blood during the match. However, Anderson noted that the most important thing was paying off the babyface side getting revenge.

"WarGames represented payday for your babyface team," Anderson added. "And if that was the theme of the night was, you had accomplished setting it up the right way. It was 'Alright, not one cage but two cages. You guys cannot get out, there's a roof on it. Now you're going to get your ass kicked.'"

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