WWE Hall Of Famer Jake The Snake Roberts Talks Use Of The DDT, Which He Popularized

Few moves in wrestling have been used and modified as often as the trusty DDT, innovated by Jake "The Snake" Roberts. On the latest episode of "The Snake Pit," Roberts said he's proud of the move's enduring popularity.

"I thought it was great [that people were using the DDT]," Roberts said. "I just hate it when they don't do it right. Watch the film, guys. Figure it out. It's not that hard. There's only like one or two people that do it right."

According to Roberts, while he's cooled off about the move's prevalence in the modern era, he was very protective of it during his tenure in WWE, even making sure Adrian Adonis, who employed a DDT variation at the time, stopped using the move when Roberts joined WWE in the late 1980s.

"Hey, get him off my f***ing finisher, that's mine," Roberts reportedly told management.

Despite Roberts admittedly inventing the move by accident, it has become a staple of wrestling arsenals around the world. Roberts never won a major world title with the move, but a variation of the DDT helped long-time New Japan Pro-Wrestling runner-up SANADA not only win the New Japan Cup but also finally capture the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship, dethroning legendary rival Kazuchika Okada with his DDT variation in April of this year at Sakura Genesis — just one of many, many DDTs that have helped wrestlers win titles. As for Roberts himself, he's been retired from in-ring competition for some time, but the WWE Hall of Famer recently busted out a DDT over the summer at Southern Honor Wrestling.