WWE Hall Of Famer Molly Holly On What Makes Charlotte Flair Great

The landscape of modern WWE is filled with incredibly successful women such as Charlotte Flair, but none of it would be possible without the performers who paved the way. One such performer is Molly Holly, the groundbreaking WWE Hall of Famer who wrestled in the company full-time from 2000 until 2005. Holly has complimented Flair in the past, and during an exclusive interview with Wrestling Inc., Holly described what qualities Flair has that set her apart.

"She eats, sleeps, breathes this business," Holly said. "The wrestling is her life. She is a perfectionist. I have had very few conversations about anything other than how she can be better, even though she's already one of the best."

According to Holly, Flair is a performer capable of making her opponents look better than they might actually be, and that includes the WWE Hall of Famer herself. Holly began working backstage as a WWE producer a couple of years ago and now finds herself inspired by the women of today's in-ring generation, which encompasses more than just Flair.

"Now that I'm more connected to the WWE, I do see other people who are also amazing, who are also very dedicated and extraordinary that I'm in awe of," Holly said. However, she noted that there is a reason why Flair is consistently on top in WWE.

Flair has taken on a lighter schedule in 2023 compared to years past, but the second-generation performer has still wrestled more than 50 matches since January 1. This past Friday on "WWE SmackDown," Flair unsuccessfully challenged IYO SKY for the WWE Women's Championship. Had she won, it would have been Flair's 15th world title victory, bringing her even closer to the record currently held by John Cena and her father, RicĀ Flair.