Why Bully Ray Calls WWE Crown Jewel A Chance For LA Knight To 'Take A Step Forward'

After this Friday's contract signing, it will be official: LA Knight is set to face Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns in what will be the biggest match of Knight's WWE tenure. On the latest "Busted Open Radio," WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray posited that fans are not likely to see a new champion at WWE Crown Jewel, but that the match itself is enough.

"I think it would be the most risky decision, business-wise, that I've seen in a long time," Bully said regarding the prospect of Knight ending Reigns' historic title reign. The former TNA World Champion hedged that the wrestling business will often have one or two results that are completely out of left field, so he doesn't count out the possibility entirely, but he does think it would be the wrong move, especially with five months left until WrestleMania 40, the build to which Bully thinks has been too focused on Cody's quest to dethrone Reigns to take a left turn now.

"[Crown Jewel is] a big opportunity for LA Knight to take a step forward. That's the best that they can hope for him," Bully cautioned, noting that he feels Knight needs more substance to his character. "He's very cool. I like the look. I like the presentation. I like the way he is on the stick. In Saudi [Arabia], he needs to prove to the office ... that he can hang with Roman Reigns on a very big stage."

Knight is reportedly thought of highly by management, but Bully Ray believes that despite those reports, there are likely still non-believers who could be swayed by a good performance from Knight on November 4.