Ahmed Johnson On Which Locker Room Complained He Hit Too Hard, WWE Or WCW

While Ahmed Johnson is mostly remembered for his WWE run, he also had a brief stop in WCW, working under the name Big T, where he teamed with Stevie Ray as a member of Harlem Heat 2000. And yet, that almost didn't happen, as Johnson revealed while discussing his WCW run with "Developmentally Speaking." "Stevie Ray called me one day and was like 'I need you to come tag with me and be my tag team partner,'" Johnson said. "And I was like 'Nah.' At first, I was through with it. But then, I was just sitting at home, eating bonbons, getting fat, and not thinking about going anywhere else."

"But then, Vince Russo called me and I was like 'Okay. They both called me.' We went out to eat, and from that point, I decided 'Alright, I'm going to give it a shot. I'm not in shape, I'm out of shape, I'm not really ready to go. But if you need me, I'm there.' Cause Stevie and I had been friends for ages, ages. We worked together and everything." By Johnson's own admission, he was checked out for the bulk of his six months in WCW, which he blamed on him being out of shape. Despite that, there was one thing about WCW that he felt was a massive improvement over his time in WWE.

"It didn't seem like too much more bull in WCW," Johnson said. "I mean, WWF guys [were like] 'Man, you hit me too hard,' or 'Man, you're rough with me.' Definitely, not one guy complained man. I don't know if that made the WCW guys tougher, or if it just shows that the guys who were complaining in WWE were full of s**t."

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