Elijah Burke Recalls Internal Reaction To TNA Abandoning 6-Sided Ring

Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff ushered in many changes when they joined TNA, one of which was to get rid of the six-sided ring that had helped make the company stand out in the first place. While there were some people who weren't happy with that decision, former WWE and TNA star Elijah Burke admitted that he personally loved it.

"It's bad enough that the guys get lost in transition in as far as direction goes in a four-sided ring," he told "WrestlingNews Co." "Can you imagine when they're shooting off one way and guys are running the opposite, it's like, 'What is going on?'"

Burke acknowledges that the six-sided ring was TNA's signature, setting the company apart in the industry. However, as a fan, he never really stopped to watch a match with that type of ring because it seemed strange to him. The unique ring setup made it more challenging for wrestlers to take bumps, a concern that many former TNA stars have complained about over the years.

"Man that ring hurt like hell," Burke said. "A lot of people won't say it, but they were happy too that it got switched. They may not say it out loud, but they were very happy because that six-sided ring takes a lot of toll on your body."

It appears that the feelings regarding the six-sided ring haven't changed over the years either, and it is not expected to be returning when Impact Wrestling rebrands back to TNA Wrestling next year. The stars of the promotion have reportedly made it clear they want to keep the traditional ring.

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