Nyla Rose Pushes For AEW To Establish New Women's Titles

One of the more consistent complaints about AEW is the number of championships Tony Khan employs — without even counting the ROH titles into the mix. But, if you raise such an issue with Nyla Rose, she would wholeheartedly disagree with you. In fact, she doesn't think there are enough belts right now and actively would like more.  On "Muscle Memory," the former AEW Women's Champion reiterated her desire to see the women's division at least add one more championship — and two more belts — to the company's legacy.


"I have been pushing for this since, like day 37. I'm not going to say day one; I wanted the world title from day one. But after things settled a little bit, I've been pushing for women's tag titles," she stated. "I would love to not only win them, but also introduce them, bring them in. I would love to get women's tag titles, would love to hold them with my tag partner Marina Shafir. Do that and then I can be the actual Grand Slam Champion."

Rose's math may be a little fuzzy on what exactly constitutes a Grand Slam Champion. Currently, AEW features two women's titles — the AEW Women's World Championship and the TBS Championship. Rose has officially held the former in the past, while only having stolen the latter at one point from then-champion Jade Cargill; possession does not make a recognized title reign. As it stands now, AEW's women are typically targeted for one match slot per programming night, so adding a women's tag championship may provide the opportunity for more women to be featured on AEW television. However, more belts may not exactly be the solution to the long-standing issue Tony Khan has faced criticism for