Tony Schiavone Defends Number Of AEW Titles

The number of championships in AEW has reached what is colloquially known as a baker's dozen: Seven AEW championships and six Ring of Honor Championships.

"We've got some pretty solid champions in place," said AEW commentator Tony Schiavone on this week's AEW Unrestricted Podcast.

"I shouldn't even address this," Tony continued, saying "every fan has their opinion," but went on to ask AEW referee Aubrey Edwards, "Do you think there are too many titles now?"

Schiavone mentioned AEW recently folding the ROH championships into the company, as well as adding the AEW All-Atlantic Championship, and answered his own question. "I don't," Schiavone said succinctly. "I like title matches."

Edwards agreed, and added that all titles "have history tied into them," noting that PAC being the first All-Atlantic Champion adds to the prestige of his reign. Edwards went on to praise PAC for staying in America for a few weeks at a time, away from his wife, and feels that the title is a good way to reward the hard work that the roster puts in, especially with limited TV time.

"We get to see cool stuff happen," Edwards said of the championship matches. "We get to rotate things in and out. We have amazing roster depth, and that has proven very helpful when you have a ton of injuries."

AEW has indeed suiffered a rash of injuries lately, especially involving champions. AEW Champion CM Punk suffered a broken foot and is taking time away to recover, leading to the creation of the AEW Interim World Championship, currently held by Jon Moxley. TNT Champion Scorpio Sky is also dealing with a leg injury, which has essentially put that title belt on the sidelines, though he will be defend his championship on next week's "AEW Dynamite" against Wardlow.

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