Road Dogg Reflects On 'Super Cool' Evolution Of Cody Rhodes As A WWE Star

Cody Rhodes has gone from undesirable to undeniable, and Brian "Road Dogg" James admitted that it has been "super cool" to watch that journey develop. After leaving WWE years ago, Rhodes rebuilt his value and how others perceived him to the point where he was able to headline WWE's WrestleMania 39 without question — a far departure from his past position in the company. 

"He's put in the work, he's done all of the work, you know what I mean? You want to learn everybody's job and that's what he's done," James said on the "Oh, You Didn't Know" podcast. "He's been there long enough to become a student of every game." 

Rhodes took the time to learn all about the business side of wrestling. From traveling the indies to fulfill a dream list of opponents to being one of the driving forces behind the initial All In, Rhodes proved that his wealth of knowledge outside of the ring keeps expanding — something John Cena recently gave him high marks for. 

"Look, you can be a student of the wrestling game, and not understand the business aspect of it and therefore not capitalize fully on your run or your career," he said. "Cody has kind of run-up that first batch, second, he's been up to them all and he's kind of learned along the way so good for him, man."

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