Konnan Opens Up About Carlito's WWE Return, How It Could Help LWO

Carlito's recent return to WWE at the Fastlane premium live event has injected him immediately into the LWO faction and their ongoing rivalry with Bobby Lashley and his crew. It has also brought a new energy and focus, and Konnan praised the former United States Champion for looking like a star, which he thinks could be important for the group.

"The other two guys get treated like jabrones. The other girl Zelina, she had a backstage segment with Bayley. Bayley went and challenged her to a match. They went in there and she just beat her," he said on "Keepin' It 100." "They don't really do anything except with Rey and ... Escobar."

So far, Carlito has been given plenty of opportunities and he has been met with big reactions, and Konnan recalled how his gimmick was super over during his initial run with the company. However, he also highlighted that during that time he wasn't always the most focused, which led to a segment between him and Ric Flair taking place where his efforts were literally questioned on live television by the "Nature Boy."

"He had the reputation for being lazy for just kind of going through his matches and not giving a f***. They turned it into a storyline," Konnan reflected. "But, I saw him not too long ago in WWE, and first of all he looked in shape. He looked like a star."

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