Photo: WWE Hall Of Famer Hulk Hogan Shares Pics Partying With Dave Chappelle

Hulk Hogan's days in the wrestling ring may be well behind him, but he remains one of the world's most recognizable pop culture icons, albeit one who's become quite controversial. The Florida native rubbed shoulders with another divisive star this past weekend, attending Dave Chappelle's comedy show in Tampa. Hogan shared a photo of he and Chappelle to X, formerly Twitter, captioned: "Whatcha gonna do when Dave Chappelle & Hulkamania run wild on you brother?!?!" 

While Hogan no longer wrestles, he recently revealed that he is under contract with WWE. It was earlier this month in an interview that he claimed he had recently renewed his contract with the company, and said that he always has fun making appearances. He also claimed to have up to 900 merchandise licenses, and said he approves merchandise every day. 

Hogan last competed in the ring for WWE in 2006, taking on Randy Orton at SummerSlam. His in-ring career ended while he was signed to Impact Wrestling — known at the time by the TNA acronym the brand will return to in 2024 — where he wrestled a six-man tag match alongside Sting and James Storm against Bully Ray, Kurt Angle, and Robert Roode in January 2012. Hogan and Chappelle appearing together in public is sure to stir up some strong reactions, as Hogan's public image has never been the same since a 2015 scandal involving racist comments about Black people, while Chappelle has recently been mired in accusations of transphobia in his stand-up comedy act.