Ilja Dragunov Wins The Trilogy With Carmelo Hayes And Retains The WWE NXT Title

Night two of "WWE NXT" Halloween Havoc featured the third installment of Ilja Dragunov versus Carmelo Hayes. While the prior two encounters saw Hayes defend the "NXT" Championship against Dragunov, it was "The Mad Dragon" who walked in as the champion this time. As expected, this headlining title match provided fans with a clash of styles, as Dragunov unleashed the physicality while Hayes brought forth his fast-paced, high-flying offense.

Toward the conclusion of this championship bout, Hayes reversed Dragunov's top rope H-Bomb with a Codebreaker. When Hayes subsequently began ascending to the top turnbuckle, his ally Trick Williams emerged on the entrance ramp with a disgruntled expression on his face after previously being attacked by a mystery assailant. With Hayes distracted by Williams' presence, Dragunov delivered a superplex to Hayes before sealing the victory with his signature Torpedo Moscow, thus retaining the "NXT" Championship.

After the match, Williams approached Hayes and dragged him to his feet. Before Williams could utter any words to a seemingly culpable Hayes, the camera panned to the backstage area revealing Baron Corbin yelling at Dragunov, who was now lying on the floor. Corbin then reminded the "NXT" Champion to keep his head on a swivel.