Why Mark Henry Calls The Miz A 'Full-Fledged Jedi Knight' After WWE Raw

On "WWE Raw," The Miz reminded the wrestling world of his prowess on the microphone, leveling clever insults at GUNTHER when interrupted by the "Ring General" and the rest of Imperium. When told by GUNTHER that he's more of a "talk show host" than a wrestler, Miz fired back by listing his accomplishments in WWE before things got physical between him and Imperium. Reviewing the segment on "Busted Open Radio," Mark Henry lavished praise upon Miz and explained why "The A-Lister" is one of the greatest promo artists in wrestling history. 

"I always considered Miz one of the top five microphone guys of all time," Henry said. "Miz is hitting them with bars. I mean he's lighting their ass up. They're not equipped to crack whip, as the great Dusty Rhodes would say, with The Miz. Then GUNTHER comes down and says 'You're a joke, that's how they view you.' And Miz started to light GUNTHER up, and his comebacks were moderate, but Miz was out there with a razor blade, bro. I'm like, 'Hey man, get out of the ring. Save yourself.' That's how powerful Miz's ability is on the mic." 

"He's a full-fledged Jedi Knight," Henry said of Miz. "I wouldn't say a Sith Lord, but Miz started to tell them, 'If I wanted to be a Sith Lord, I can be. Look at my resume. Look what I did in my career.'"

Mark Henry Endorses The Miz Turning Babyface

Henry reiterated that Miz is often forced to "dial it back" on the microphone, as WWE wouldn't want him to embarrass other wrestlers, pointing to a segment featuring LA Knight a few months ago. "It was not fair, and that's what happened last night — again." 

The segment on "Raw" also seemed to hint at Miz turning babyface for the first time in years. Henry believes the timing is right for a change in direction for the former WWE Champion, especially since he's earned the respect of fans by portraying a dastardly heel for years. "The Miz has never been a true babyface," Henry said. "I mean, he's hovered over that line ... what Miz is about to embark on would make him a babyface. At this point in Miz's career, because he was a heel so much, turning a corner and doing a babyface thing is gonna make him so over!" Henry added that Miz could potentially return to the main event scene for the first time since holding the WWE Championship in 2021, suggesting that WWE could be preparing to give him one last run as a top star before he transitions into part-time status.

"It was a decade before he got another shot at being the guy [in 2021]," Henry said. "Here we are again — another five to seven years — and he's gonna do it again. Miz is set up for this, he's built for it."