LA Knight On The Miz: 'The Best Reaction He's Ever Gotten Is Walking Out As Me'

LA Knight is not impressed with The Miz imitating him this past week on "WWE Raw," and feels that the best reaction Miz has ever gotten was when he dressed as him. 

Knight recently spoke to "Claibs Online,' where he stated that the former WWE Champion is jealous of him and the reactions he has received from the crowd over the last few months.


"This past Monday, what, he dressed up like me? That makes sense now, doesn't it? Because I think, like I said last week on 'Raw,' he is jealous of me, and you know why? Because he always wanted to be me," said Knight. "Now, I'm not saying that he knew who LA Knight was years ago, but what I mean is, he wanted the level of success that I've come across. He wanted the adulation that I've come across. He's wanted the reactions that I've gotten — people chanting his name, quoting him, and instead, the best reaction he's ever got in his entire career was walking out as me just a couple nights ago on 'Raw.'"

On this week's "Raw," The Miz — ahead of his match against Knight at Payback this Saturday — impersonated Knight, from his sunglasses to his vest, and even his trademark catchphrases. This is not the first time that "The A-Lister" has imitated a rival in WWE, which Knight alluded to in his interview.


Miz does cosplay of wrestlers better than him: Knight

The Miz has previously, in feuds with John Cena and The Rock, dressed as them, and did a fine good job of it, which LA Knight acknowledges as well. But, Knight feels that the stars that The Miz has "cosplayed," i.e. him, Cena, and The Rock, are on a different level to him. 


"Sure," Knight agreed when the interviewer said The Miz does a good job of imitating others. "And he was talking about me doing cosplay, here he is actually, literally doing cosplay. And he's doing cosplay of three guys, they're all on a completely different level from him, if you notice. So he's putting me on that same level with them, and he's right. And he's putting himself on another level which is underneath all of us, so I agree with everything he's doing right there."

Knight's meteoric rise on the WWE main roster has come with comparisons with past legends, like The Rock and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin," which The Miz has referenced in the lead-up to their match at Payback. Their match at the Premium Live Event on Saturday will be the first time that the two stars will face off against each other in a WWE ring.