How Eric Bischoff Would Bring CM Punk Back If He Was WWE

WWE brings this year's Survivor Series to Chicago. With CM Punk no longer under contract with AEW, speculation that he might make his WWE return then and there was inevitable. And while Punk hasn't let on one bit if there could be anything to the idea, if it was up to Eric Bischoff, he's not doing it — at least not in November. He's waiting until the Royal Rumble. 

"It's not like WWE is having a hard time getting great reactions," he said on his "83 Weeks" podcast. "If it was a year and a half ago, I would say yeah, you might want to give that a shot. Or, I would give it a shot if I was in a position to do it, but not now. WWE's got so much momentum and the crowd is so much behind them."

Bischoff pointed out that Punk would likely get a huge reaction wherever he turns up, and he doesn't believe the company is desperate for one of those right now. Instead, it might make more sense for Punk to make an emphatic statement on a night when surprises are expected and almost demanded by fans.

"I would do it where it meant the most," he continued. "For me and I think for the audience — because the format of Royal Rumble begs for an opportunity like that — it just makes so much more sense."

Regardless, Bischoff is still not 100% convinced that the former WWE Champion is coming back to WWE for another run anyway. "My gut tells me no, and mostly because they just don't need him," he said. "There's no holes. Where's the holes in the WWE roster right now? Where's the holes in the product?"

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