Roman Reigns Defeats LA Knight, Continues Historic WWE Title Reign At Crown Jewel

Roman Reigns has once again successfully defended his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, this time against LA Knight — and it will come as no surprise that The Bloodline played a major role in the outcome of the Crown Jewel main event. Knight entered the ring to a massive pop from the audience in Riyadh, but was forced to patiently wait for the champion's lengthy walkout and the announcements from Byron Saxton, who was standing in for Samantha Irvin on Saturday. After a brief feeling-out process from both men — including an early flurry from Knight — Reigns began to dictate proceedings in his trademark methodical style, slamming his opponent into the steel steps at ringside to create distance and eventually started to wear down the gallant challenger.

The pair traded blows in the middle of the ring to dueling chants of "yeah" and "boo" from the Saudi audience, before Knight nailed some of his high-octane offense for a couple of near-falls. Reigns would counter the LA Elbow with a Superman Punch for a two-count, but was unable to dodge it a second time after a top-rope superplex allowed Knight to hit his signature maneuver, but it wasn't enough to get the job done.

Down the home stretch, the other members of The Bloodline would become involved, allowing Reigns to hit a spear off the distraction for another close near-fall, before Knight his patented B.F.T finisher to no avail as Jimmy Uso placed his cousin's foot on the bottom rope. The former tag-team champion would find himself slammed through the announce desk due to his interference, but Reigns speared Knight through the barricade and once more inside the ring to score the pinfall victory, continuing his historic reign with the title.