Eric Bischoff Explains Why He's So Hard On Tony Khan's AEW

When it comes to AEW, one of the most critical voices over the last several years has been Eric Bischoff. However, the former WWE producer recently stated that his critiques are more than just blind negativity. Speaking on "Strictly Business," Eric Bischoff took an opportunity to further explain his perspective on the promotion.


"There's nothing that I can say ... that I haven't been saying for two years," Bischoff said. "It's the same issues over and over and over and over again. I can't talk about storytelling any more than I already have for the last two years."

Bischoff clarified that his opinions have nothing to do with AEW not offering him a position with the company, as he said he has no desire to work in wrestling at this stage in his life. The former WCW executive admitted that he can be harsh on AEW, but it's because he doesn't like seeing that opportunity wasted, with his tenure at WCW giving him a unique view of the matter.

"This is going to be considered to be negative, but it's not meant to be — it's just honest," Bischoff said. "Tony Khan [is in] such a unique situation — he has his own money. He's got more money than he can spend in his next three lifetimes, and he's a massive wrestling fan, so he has this unique opportunity to launch this company called AEW with his own money, which means he's not accountable to anybody except for the network."


While the word has been that Warner Bros Discovery is quite happy with AEW's performance, Bischoff cited the declining ratings and attendance figures as reasons why he worries for AEW's future. If AEW were to go under, Bischoff fears that it would be a long time before another wrestling promotion rises to that level.

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