WWE's Omos On How His Basketball Past Helps Him, Says He's 'The Attraction Of The Show'

WWE Superstar Omos is one of many wrestlers who competed in other sports before making the leap to the squared circle. Before joining WWE, "The Nigerian Giant" was a college basketball prospect who played for the South Florida Bulls before transferring to the Morgan State Bears. Despite changing careers, however, Omos' experience on the court has helped him adjust to the WWE lifestyle.


According to Omos, basketball and wrestling both require performers to be fit, healthy, focused, and on their games. As such, he was able to carry some valuable lessons from his college days into his WWE career.

"Just that experience of being tough and executing whatever you're going through," Omos told ABC Action News. "Just the drills they put us through to get ready for basketball season. It gave me the tenacity that I needed for the business that I am in today."

Since joining WWE, Omos has distinguished himself as an attraction who faced Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 39. The Superstar towers above the majority of his peers, after all, and he knows that he has a unique appeal in the current sports entertainment landscape.


"I am the attraction of the show," Omos said. "They don't call me the Nigerian Giant for nothing. I'm 7'3", 410 pounds. I am the largest human being people have ever seen in their life. When you buy your tickets, you're coming to see all of this."