WWE HOFer Booker T Explains Why He Gives The Miz So Much Credit

Though he has spent most of his WWE career as a heel, The Miz recently turned over a new leaf, leaning heavily towards the side of good on last week's "WWE Raw" during a segment with Ludwig Kaiser and GUNTHER of Imperium. And while nothing is official yet, it appears the segment could be leading to Miz challenging GUNTHER for the Intercontinental Champion, with a victory giving Miz a record-tying ninth reign with the title.


During the latest episode of the "Hall of Fame" podcast, Booker T and co-host Brad Gilmore discussed Miz's recent turn, with both agreeing that Miz is better at being a heel than a face. Booker, however, believes the situation will work out fine, citing GUNTHER's status as a hated foreign heel, and also the fact that Miz is, in the mind of Booker, the perfect utility player within the WWE system.

"I always talk about [how] The Miz didn't get anything handed to him," Booker said. "That dude worked, man. He worked and worked and worked. He wasn't the guy that was chosen to be the face of the company or anything like that. The Miz just kept working and kept working and kept working. That's why I give Miz so much credit. He wasn't the most popular guy in the class for a long time, but he just kept grinding and kept trying to perfect his craft. 


"And then there again, he became one of those guys that the company could trust to do anything. Media, main events, midcard, 'Whatever you need put over...whatever you need, I'm that utility, go-to guy.' When you become that guy, man, you are a valuable, valuable asset to the company. That's the way I see The Miz."

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