Tommy Dreamer & Thunder Rosa On What Ric Flair Can Bring To AEW

Ric Flair has joined AEW, initially as a gift for the retiring Sting, but the former World Champion signed on to stay with the company past Sting's retirement in 2024. 

On the latest "Busted Open Radio," Thunder Rosa and Tommy Dreamer dissected the possibilities for Flair in the promotion.


"It's going to be interesting seeing what role he's really gonna have," Thunder Rosa said, admittedly delighted at the prospect of free energy drinks backstage and at the commentary table. 

"He can definitely manage Andrade [El Idolo]," Rosa explained, saying that it is the obvious choice for Flair. But she feels that the company could use Flair to take a new star under his wing. "I love when veterans do that, they take somebody under their wing and really get them over or help them get them over, with everything, with character development, with promos, with stories, because I think they're the ones that kinda push a little more." 

Rosa believes that whoever ends up working with Flair will have a plethora of knowledge to draw from.


"I think first, he's gonna hang out with Sting ... to Thunder Rosa's point, Ric Flair is beyond a household name," Dreamer said. "Ric Flair is an ambassador for his brand and helps people with star power." Dreamer agrees that Andrade is a sound choice for Flair's managerial services but believes another wrestler could benefit from Flair: MJF. 

"If [Flair] somehow does something or opposes somebody that doesn't like MJF and then you could have a nice little back and forth on the microphone," Dreamer said, noting that the interaction Flair had with Christian Cage was good. Dreamer sees parallels in the way Cage has taken young talent like Nick Wayne under his wing. The 16-time world champion could similarly be used but cautions against anything more than promo work from Flair, as the septuagenarian wrestler's health has been a hot-button issue.