Why WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash Says Fans Are Wrong About AEW Champ MJF

MJF competing against Kenny Omega on "AEW Collision" was seen as a dream match in the eyes of most fans, but the show only brought in an average of 518,000 viewers against the World Series. While this was seen as a disappointment by some, WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash defended the AEW World Champion and his overall ability as a draw. "I was thinking, they still did a half million views," he said on "Kliq This." "People are such a**h***s, 'It was against the World Series,' and then in the next paragraph the guy goes, 'It was the least viewed World Series game ever.' They've always got something."

Professional wrestling competing against sports is always tricky considering the wider popularity that live sporting events tend to bring. Adding a big match like MJF vs. Omega was something that could have been seen as strong competition against the World Series, but with AEW only giving it a few days worth of build, it was not given the full push that could have happened.

However, on "AEW Dynamite" last week the show was able to garner an average of 832,000 views, which was a 7% rise overall, while the important 18-49 demographic saw a 14% rise. MJF played a big part in the entire night, as he was in the opening segment backstage to tease the main event, and the entire show ended up being built around him finding tag team partners, proving there is an interest in him as a character, showcasing the importance of build and the fact he can be a draw. 

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