First Two Competitors Qualify For Upcoming Iron Survivor Challenge On WWE NXT

With "WWE NXT" Deadline just over a month away, WWE has officially begun the process of determining which men and women will participate in the 2023 Iron Survivor Challenge matches. Last year's inaugural event saw Grayson Waller and Roxanne Perez emerge victorious, guaranteeing both winners future shots at the "NXT" Championship and "NXT" Women's Championship, respectively.


During Tuesday's episode of "WWE NXT," the qualifying matchups for this year's Iron Survivor Challenges got underway. Tiffany Stratton and Fallon Henley kicked off the qualifying series, each vying for one of the five spots in the Women's Iron Survivor Challenge. This contest also served as a make-up for their previously scheduled meeting on night two of "NXT" Halloween Havoc, which resulted in Stratton ambushing Henley before the bell even rang. Despite Henley's best efforts to avenge this attack, it was Stratton who secured the pinfall tonight with the Prettiest Moonsault Ever, guaranteeing her placement in the Iron Survivor Challenge.

Later in the show, Dijak battled Tyler Bate to solidify the first slot in the men's match. The ending of this bout saw Bate nail Dijak with a knee to the face. When Bate then leaped off the second rope, though, he was caught by Dijak, allowing Dijak to easily transition Bate into his Feast Your Eyes finisher. With this win, Dijak is also headed to "NXT" Deadline, where he will compete in the Men's Iron Survivor Challenge.