NWA Worlds Champion EC3 Questions The Health Of The Wrestling Business

With wrestling on television almost every day of the week, major stadium shows being announced around the world, and a genuine ratings war between two different promotions, many critics, fans, and wrestlers alike believe that the business is enjoying a boom period now. It's something that everybody wants to see happen, but NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion EC3 isn't as quick to buy into the idea of a boom.

"I think if the business was as healthy as we want to perceive it, then I don't think it would be an arms race on a Tuesday night," EC3 told the Toronto Sun. "I think there would be consistent and continuous growth in numbers in attendance and I don't know if I necessarily see that." While attendance is up for WWE events as of late, the same cannot be said for AEW shows, which have been struggling to move as many tickets. That is why EC3 believes the wrestling bubble sees growth because there is competition, but when it comes to ratings and ticket movement, that isn't always reflected.

"I think there's a gigantic portion of the fanbase that is missing out on what professional wrestling is and should be and we do not try to attract them because we're trying to appease a more vocal minority," he said. Of course, everyone has their own idea of what wrestling should be, with the NWA currently pushing a harder-hitting, more physical approach with its style. That's something that Billy Corgan wants from his roster, and EC3 believes that re-establishing a territorial base will provide more opportunities to bring in fans, which is something that NWA is attempting. "I think beyond what we see in cable wars and ratings wars, who are fighting over the same small pie, I think regional grassroots, guerrilla warfare is what can attract people to what we all love, that's professional wrestling," he said.