WWE Hall Of Famer Rob Van Dam Recalls Match In Which His ACL 'Snapped'

While Rob Van Dam has dealt with injuries throughout his career, requiring him to seek out stem cell treatments, he was fortunate to have largely avoided significant ones. Altogether, the ECW legend and WWE Hall of Famer only had two injuries that caused him to miss time; a broken ankle he suffered in 2000, during his record-setting reign as ECW Television Champion, and a torn ACL in 2005, which forced him to miss nearly a year.


On "1 Of A Kind," RVD discussed the ACL injury, revealing that he had spent many years dealing with pain in his knee. He would continue to work through it, however, before it finally gave out during a "WWE SmackDown" match where he was teaming with Rey Mysterio.

"One night it finally snapped, my ACL in a match," RVD said. "Me and Rey were wrestling the Basham Brothers. They went to backdrop me and I just rolled off his back, and landed on my feet, BAM! My ACL, it snapped, and then I couldn't straighten my leg out or bend it. It was just stuck in a position slightly bent. And I was like 'F**k.' And I tagged out, rolled out, kept walking back and forth, back and forth alongside the ring down there on the floor, trying to walk it off, and it was not working. I was like 'F**k.' And I kept looking over at Terry Taylor, he was the agent, I saw him watching and I was like 'F**k! I don't know what happened. It's not getting better.' I'm walking and walking and walking, it wouldn't straighten out or bend. It was f****d. So then I had to get surgery, which was my only surgery that I had in my career."


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