AEW Star Jeff Jarrett Addresses NWA Cocaine Spot

Jeff Jarrett is the latest veteran wrestler to question NWA's decision to include a cocaine spot at its recent Samhain pay-per-view, where James Mitchell was seen snorting a line of cocaine along with his NWA stablemates. The controversial spot has reportedly caused issues surrounding NWA's broadcast deal with the CW Network and could jeopardize the promotion's plans of putting its "NWA Powerrr" flagship show on the WBD-owned station. 

"I've learned enough to know to not assume anything," Jarrett began. "Sometimes things are taken out of context. But, how exactly did this [cocaine spot] fit the story? Was there any logic to it? Where was it coming from and where was it going — in terms of storyline purposes? I get it being on pay-per-view, but how does this work into their stories?" 

Conrad Thompson then explained to Jarrett that Mitchell has been leading a faction in NWA and offered his stablemates some "happy dust" to energize and motivate them. In response, a baffled Jarrett explained why such a spot would have been fine within the confines of a movie or a soap opera, but not in a wrestling program trying to reach a wider audience. 

"Who's your audience? Do you not want to draw families and kids?" Jarrett asked. "Would Billy [Corgan] and NWA say, 'No, I don't want kids coming to the shows.' I don't believe it's marketed that way. There's no adult rating or warning." 

Jarrett then quoted an inner saying from "the old chairman," which was presumably a reference to WWE founder Vince McMahon. "Don't get political, don't get religious," Jarrett said. "This kind of [spot] falls into that bug that ... are you going to alienate your audiences by putting this on? If you're trying to go to a wider audience on network, cable, or even digital, are you alienating some of your audience? Risk versus reward."