Former WWE Star Mandy Rose On Whether She's Got The Itch To Return To Wrestling

Former WWE star Mandy Rose doesn't have any desire to return to professional wrestling right now. 

"I'm actually a little surprised. I thought that I would get [the itch]... coming up on almost a year. But I really haven't," she told "Busted Open Radio" recently. "But I do miss certain things — don't get me wrong. I miss the camaraderie. I miss my friends over there. I speak to them a lot. I miss that adrenaline rush, of course, but the itch to get out there and wrestle right now? I don't have it right now, I have to be honest."


Rose was released from WWE after a 413-day reign as the "NXT" Women's Champion over subscription-based adult-themed content she was released online. When she was terminated, her subscriptions increased with her reportedly earning as much as $1 million monthly

But these days, Rose claims that her body is feeling good, explaining that — because she wasn't a high-flyer in the ring and that she "didn't do a lot of crazy moves" — she didn't have any injuries throughout her career. The former champion said she still trains five or six days a week, so she is staying ready if she ever wants to get back to wrestling. 

Rose will be appearing at this year's WrestleCade later this month, selling fan meet-and-greets. And while she doesn't feel the pull to get back into the ring at the moment, there may be some hope that her mind could change down the road. 


"I will say the fans are the ones that would make me want to come back, to be honest," she added. "Not to say that I wouldn't want to do it for myself, but do I need to do it? Probably not. But if I would do it, it would be for the fans. And I'm not just saying that, because I really grew a tremendous fanbase from 'NXT' those last two years as champion."