Eric Bischoff Says Any Wrestling Mount Rushmore Needs One Specific WWE Hall Of Famer

Rey Mysterio, widely regarded as the pound-for-pound greatest of all time, deserves to be in the pro wrestling Mount Rushmore, according to Eric Bischoff. 

On the latest "83 Weeks," Bischoff made a case for the legendary luchador to be viewed in the same light as Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Steve Austin, John Cena, and other all-time greats — more for his longevity than anything else.


Bischoff heaped praise on Mysterio while reviewing the Mysterio vs. Logan Paul match from last weekend's Crown Jewel. "The Rey Mysterio I saw at Crown Jewel was certainly not the Rey Mysterio I saw in the mid-90s in terms of what he was capable of doing in the ring, but he still over-delivered! He looked so good! And the match was believable," Bischoff said. "I thought the color commentary was as perfect as it could be, they reinforced the story — Wade Barrett really brought me into the minds of both Rey and Logan. He did such a great job of painting and enhancing the picture we were seeing, visually."

The former WCW President referred to the Mysterio vs. Paul match as "phenomenal" while explaining why "The Master of the 619" warrants more credit for his great performances at the age of 48. "I think we've gotta revise the Mount Rushmore thing, maybe add a couple [of wrestlers] to it ... because I think Rey deserves to be up there," Bischoff argued. "He has singlehandedly created such an interest in Lucha and what he's contributed ... because of his performances and professionalism ... for what he's contributed to the industry, he deserves to be in every conversation when it comes to Mount Rushmore." 


Back in 2018, Bischoff named Hulk Hogan, Vince McMahon, Ric Flair, and Steve Austin in his Mount Rushmore of pro wrestling