GUNTHER Reacts To The Miz's No. 1 Contender's Victory On WWE Raw

The Miz has secured himself a title match against Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER at WWE Survivor Series. Before the two go face-to-face, though, GUNTHER shares his thoughts on this upcoming title defense, which emerged after some unusual events led The Miz to a number one contenders victory on "WWE Raw."

"[The Miz] sports-entertained everybody out there in that arena [at 'Raw']. It looks like he even wrestled a little bit, which is impressive," GUNTHER said on "WWE's The Bump". "The man has capabilities I wasn't aware of. It looked like a little bit of a chaotic finish here, but at the end, he made it. I'm looking forward to it. He looked very excited. He looked very into the moment, but he has to face his reality now. And this reality is, he has to face me at Survivor Series. I'm very intrigued about that match because he is one of the greatest sports entertainers this company has ever produced, but he's definitely in the fall of his career. Maybe being in the ring with me will make him realize that it's time to step away maybe, and make room for the people that matter now."

As GUNTHER alluded to, Miz's guaranteed title shot was preceded by a strange finish in the fatal-four-way number one contenders match on "RAW." The closing moments of the contest saw The Miz roll-up Bronson Reed while Ivar simultaneously slid into position to pin Ricochet. When the referee began counting both pinfall attempts, Ricochet kicked out. Reed, however, did not, which meant The Miz had solidified himself an individual shot at the Intercontinental Championship.

Reports later confirmed that this was not the intended match finish, as WWE was planning on Ricochet staying down for the three count, leading to a triple threat match between GUNTHER, The Miz, and Ivar. The circumstances behind Ricochet's impromptu kickout are still unconfirmed, although it is believed that he may have sustained some type of head injury.

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