Dave Meltzer Says WWE Raw #1 Contender's Match Outcome Was Not The Planned Finish

While The Miz may have emerged victorious from a fatal four-way match last night on "WWE Raw" to crown the next #1 contender for GUNTHER's Intercontinental Championship, a few key moments during the bout had some wondering if that had been the planned finish. As it turns out, those suspicions have now been proven correct. Taking to X, Dave Meltzer confirmed that the finish to the four-way match didn't go as planned. While Miz pinning Bronson Reed with a cradle did come off as expected, the finish was also supposed to see Ivar pin Ricochet following a moonsault, leading to Ivar and Miz both challenging GUNTHER for the IC Title. Instead, Ricochet kicked out of Ivar's moonsault, altering the finish and leading to confusion in the moments immediately following the match.

As for why Ricochet kicked out unexpectedly, it is believed, though not confirmed, that it was due to the long-time WWE star suffering a head injury earlier in the match after he landed rough following a hurricanrana attempt. Despite that, Ricochet was never checked out by medical personnel and was allowed to continue, leading to the unplanned finish.

As of now, The Miz vs. GUNTHER is scheduled to take place at Survivor Series in Chicago, Illinois in a little more than two weeks' time. Given the original plans, it's unclear whether WWE will find a way to add Ivar to the upcoming championship match, or if The Viking Raiders member will receive his title shot further down the road.