WWE Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER Compares Ivar & The Miz As Opponents

GUNTHER is in the midst of a record-breaking reign as the WWE Intercontinental Champion, having defeated the likes of Ricochet, Rey Mysterio, Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, and more over the last 14 months. This past Monday on "WWE Raw," GUNTHER's next opponent was decided as The Miz pinned Ivar in a four-way match to become the new number-one contender. Appearing on WWE's "The Bump" today, GUNTHER was asked to compare The Miz and Ivar as the two prepare to face off in a singles match this Monday.

"Two completely different competitors," GUNTHER said. "Ivar ... could be a very dangerous opponent for me, because he brings the size. He might be a little heavier than I am, and he brings the agility as well."

GUNTHER went on to compliment Ivar on how quickly he's able to move around the ring while remaining physically imposing. While the Intercontinental Champion largely had positive things to say about Ivar, the same could not be said for The Miz.

"[The Miz's] wrestling skills are very [minimal], I think," GUNTHER said. "That's why he's not as much of a danger to me [as] Ivar would be. But he brings another upside. ... He's able to tear me apart on the microphone. That has a psychological effect on people that are weaker-minded than I am."

The Intercontinental Champion then promised that the only thing that matters once they get in the ring is who is the better wrestler. GUNTHER stated that he intends to beat The Miz to further prove that he's the greatest Intercontinental Champion in the title's history.