Why AEW's Jeff Jarrett Says 'We Need More People' Like WWE's Adam Pearce

Even though he works for a rival company, AEW star Jeff Jarrett is a big fan of WWE's Adam Pearce. On a recent episode of his "My World" podcast, Jarrett praised the WWE producer and on-screen personality, noting that Pearce deserves all of his success.

"What was cool for me, I don't know history, I was obviously in the TNA bubble. I didn't know Adam Pearce booked Ring of Honor. I had no idea... So it went from Gabe [Sapolsky] to Adam, to Hunter, as in Delirious... Adam is a guy. Man, Hard work pays off. Nose to the grindstone. Keeping on keeping on. He's engaged. He wants to be more. He's a producer. Anyway, I'm happy for that guy; he works hard. We need more Adam Pearces. It's a business; we need more of those folks out there."

These days, Pearce is primarily known for his on-screen role as the General Manager of "WWE Raw." However, he has worn many hats throughout his career, starting out as a wrestler before taking on more behind-the-scenes roles. Recently, he's had some tension with Nick Aldis on WWE television, though it remains to be seen if either performer will lace up their boots again and handle their business it in the ring.

Jarrett, meanwhile, is currently riding high in AEW as both an on-screen performer and a backstage employee. According to Jarrett, his AEW "day job" involves him working on live events and using his experience to help put on good shows.

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