AEW's Thunder Rosa Explains Why She Liked WWE Star Logan Paul Posing Naked With Title

Logan Paul has wasted little time showcasing his United States Championship to his wider audience since capturing the title at WWE's Crown Jewel. From turning up at Wall Street with the belt to wearing it in the gym, he is doing everything possible to raise the profile of the company. However, one picture that caught the eye of AEW's Thunder Rosa was when he posed naked with it in the shower.

"Logan Paul takes pictures with his title everywhere he goes, even when he's completely naked and wet taking a shower," she said on "Busted Open Radio." "That thing was wet, soaking wet, the title I'm talking about ... That's marketing right there. That man knows what he's doing."

Paul isn't the only person who has posed naked with a title over the years, with the likes of Mandy Rose and Shawn Michaels creating a buzz for themselves by doing this. It gets fans talking, whether positively or negatively, and Rosa is impressed by the fact he's always doing something crazy.

"Some people when they win championships just take it to the next level, right?" Rosa questioned. Rosa later said, "We're all talking about him and, 'How disrespectful he is with the title.' No, he's making the title mean something."

Paul is taking his role as United States Champion seriously, as he has teased making some surprise appearances, while the social media star claims to have retired from boxing to focus primarily on professional wrestling. It remains to be seen what his schedule will be like moving forward.

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