AEW Star Powerhouse Hobbs Explains The Origins Of His Wrestling Name

Powerhouse Hobbs originally debuted in AEW under the name Will Hobbs, which he created himself, but the change to the Powerhouse moniker took place early in his AEW career and was down to the creativity of AEW President Tony Khan, as per Hobbs. 

"The Powerhouse name came from our owner and CEO, Tony Khan. He's a big Hacksaw Butch Reed fan, and he looked at me and was like, 'Powerhouse,' and I was like, 'I dig it,'" he told "Chill' With ICE." "It stuck, so when I'm walking through the airport or walking round and I'm either hearing, 'Hobbs,' or, 'Powerhouse.'"

Hobbs originally competed in the wrestling industry as Will Rood on the independent scene, but he changed his name prior to joining AEW. The transition to becoming "Powerhouse" coincided with a heel turn on AEW programming as he ended up being part of the Team Taz faction, where he was able to showcase more aggression and physicality inside the ring. 

Hobbs also brought a new look at the time which was similar to Taz's ring gear during his wrestling career. However, the comparisons between him and Butch Reed can also be seen, simply due to the physiques of both men. 

The AEW star is currently in the midst of a major push on AEW television after becoming part of the Don Callis Family faction. While he switched up his look and character, the name is something that appears to be stuck for the long term.

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